From: Stu Kewley

Sent: March-07-15 10:25:42 AM

Hi my name is Stu. I purchased a liter of TrUet, I said I would keep you up dated on my results.

I'm running a 2008 F350 with a 6.4, I also have a banks auto mind tuner installed. At the moment I'm running in economy mode with out any additives I range between 16 to 17 Iitres/lOO, with adding 2 ounces of this product I went through a regen and I'm running between 14 and 15 litres/ 100 . So far that is a big improvement. As I put more miles I will keep u up dates.

Stu Kewley

Update June, 2018

Hi John,

I started using Trijet & Rycon in my VW Golf starting at around 110,OOOkm and I think I met you at the Toronto auto show. It was around 2003.

"Great stuff! My 2000 Golf TDI definitely likes the Trijet and Rycon. Just passed 924,696 km and still the original fuel pump and motor. Plus I get on average 1200km per tank. Thanks John for introducing me to the product!"


Pictou Landing First Nation Fisheries
Wayne Denny Councillor / Director of Fisheries
Pictou Landing Band Council
Site 6 RR#2 Trenton Box 55 N. S. BOK I XO
Phone: 902-752-49 12 Fait: 902-755- 471 5 Cell: 902-759-3991
June 26, 2015

Pictou Landing First Nations Fisheries fishes for lobsters, snow crab and tuna with boats having 210- 430 HP diesel engines. This is the second year we have been using the Pathfinder prod,ucts with great success, finding positive results.

As an effect of using Rycon, the oil fortifier, the wear on the engines have been substantially reduced and the horsepower vastly improved. We have been testing the oil and from those samples we have found the life of the oil has immensely improved because the viscosity is not breaking down and the oil is a lot cleaner. In fact a .few of our boats which were previously giving off amounts of black smoke now have considerably reduced these emissions.

Trijet, the fuel additive, has reduced fuel consumption, saving thousands of dollars per season. It has also cleaned out the gas lines, fuel pumps, as well as the top ends of the engines. Using both these products has furthermore saved major maintenance/repair costs. , highly recommend these products to anyone, as they are definitely an asset to our business. Sincerely

Wanye Denny
Fisheries Director

Here is a testimonial from a customer of ALMARK AUTO SERVICE in Queensville,

I love my big rumbling tank of a car, a 2005 VW Passat TOI wagon, and Johannes insisted (in pure Johannes style!) that I use his fuel additive to help get more life out of the old diesel engine plus better fuel economy. I didn't believe him but I gave it a try and now I pour some additive in to the gas tank every time Here is a testimonial from a customer of ALMARK AUTO SERVICE in Queensville,1 fuel up! It's been over a year and I'm hooked: My car runs better and I noticea big difference in my fuel economy. Even with city driving, myoid diesel gets about 850km per 60 L tank whereas before it was getting about 600km for the same fill-up. For highway driving, I get over 1000km per fill-up now! I drive a decent amount, over 5,000km per month. Every once in awhile, I'll purposely not put the additive in and then I pay the price of decreased fuel economy. I'm also able to go 8-1 O,OOOOkm between oil changes whereas before I was going about 5-6,000km. Better fuel economy, improved engine condition and more time between oil changes all puts more money in my pocket while letting me enjoy one of the last diesel wagons left on the road.

All in all, a big thanks to Johannes (Almark Auto Service) for insisting on the additive!

The fuel additive she is happy with is, TRIJET FUEL TREATMENT application is 1 oz./30ml. per 55 litres/15 gals.

Also added is Rycon-1 Oil Additive, application rate is 1 oz. per litre/quart.
Almark Auto Service

20337 Leslie St. Call Johannes 905-478-1011

Monica. Hi John

I started using Trijet & Rycon in my VW Golf starting at around 110,000km and I think I met you at the Toronto auto show. It was around 2003.

"Great stuff! My 2000 Golf TDI definitely likes the Trijet and Rycon. Just passed 650,000km and still the original fuel pump and motor. Plus I get on average 1200km per tank. Thanks John for introducing me to the product!"


Please click on logo to read an informative newsletter by Tom Hnatiw of "Dream Car Garage" on Pathfinder Lubricants.

Pathfinder Testimonial....
I have been using both the Trijet and Rycon-1 for about five years in both my street cars and competition vehicles. Rycon-1 has been added with every oil change and Trijet not so regularly…. I have always been a little apprehensive about using additives as I have always seen them as an elixir of the automotive world. In this specific case, I was wrong.

When using the Trijet, highway gas mileage is significantly improved. The throttle is more responsive and the engine runs much smoother. On average I gain about 50km extra on a tank of gas, about 10% further.

Using the Rycon-1 mixed in with engine oil allows the engine to start smoother, quicker and run quieter than previously. Due to the loads and demands I put on my engines, specifically in competition, Rycon-1 has never let me down or disappointed.

Wes Tanney
Tanney Motorsport

Also, I have a preliminary schedule up. We are still trying to get the Formula car up and running so we are still not sure everything we will be doing this summer. We were out this past Saturday for a club event though....


Click here to read about Envionment Canada's series of tests that were performed to evaluate the impact that Pathfinder's Rycon 1 Oil Fortifier and Trijet Fuel Treatments would have on poisonous emissions.

I would like to thank John Day and Pathfinder Lubricants for there support through the 2009 season. With the Rycon oil additive & Trijet fuel additive products I acheived better throttle response, cooler engine tempatures and more roll out of the corners with the Tropix grease in the wheel bearings .

Thanks again for all the support,

Terry Clodd

October 5, 2008

Almark Auto Service
20337 Leslie Street, Unit 2
Queensville, Ontario

Hi John,

I have been using "Flow Torch" since it came on the market in June 2008.

I am extremely happy with this product, as a mechanic it has made my job a lot easier (time wise).

During the product test we did in my garage on September 20, 2008, I was very imprested with the results. It answered all of my questions about this product.

* Flow Torch cuts down time
* Efficient repairs (cost wise)
* Every one can use it with no danger or harm to other items around the treated area.
* It is a must to have in any garage or household
* Finally a great product that is made in Canada

I have been recommending it to all of my customers.

Yours truly,

Johannes Kollarits

p.s. Once you use "Flow Torch" you will not go back to other products.

I owned a 1985 Dodge Aries, which I drove 5 days a week to work, 160 kms round trip each day. While driving to work in the winter of 1993, I hit a chuck of ice that fell off the mud flap of a northbound dump truck. It was the size of a basketball coming along the road at my car at some 80 km/hr. I tried to dodge it but it hit under my car. I heard the thud then looked in my rear view mirror and saw a million little pieces sliding about the roadway and thought nothing more of it.

After work, I got to my car found a large oil spill had spread about the parking lot around my car. I looked under and saw I had a crankshaft … a CRANKSHAFT exposed to the elements. The ice had ripped off my oil pan lower section and half of the upper section. I always had a bottle or two of oil in the trunk. Old habits are hard to break from my Beetle days. I started the car and poured in two bottles of oil.

I drove to Brampton Chrysler on Queen St. and bought a new oil pan with a gasket and then drove home to Grand Valley where I took my car to my friend’s garage and finally turned the engine off since my trek started that afternoon. The oil drained from the PANLESS engine. A few hours later the new parts were in place and driving home. My Dodge Aries lasted nearly 18 months more before trading it in. That is somewhere around 55,000 kms for work travel alone. Without Pathfinder it would not have made it to the dealership for the part let alone for another 18 months. The Dodge Aries motor was not using or burning oil when I traded it in on my new vehicle. Thank you Pathfinder and John Day for keeping me supplied.

Mike MacLachlan

111966 2+2 Fastback
1966 2+2 Fastback

To: Daydistributing – (Pathfinder Lubricants)

“Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association” Annual day at Mosport International Raceway.

Hi John,

I thought you may enjoy hearing about my discovery at Mosport raceway with my 66 Mustang. Please note that this was before I put the supercharger on the car so ambient air pressure conditions apply. I bought Trijet and Rycon from you and yes I was sceptical to the benefit that an Oil & Gas additive actually could provide, so I thought I would perform my own test at Mosport International Raceway.

The day was dry and sunny, I drove from Toronto to Mosport, refuelled the car, filled my trusty red 20L gas container, prepped the car, inflated the tires to my own preference, reset my portable GPS (I use it also as a data logger) to zero and placed it on the windscreen all as usual. I went out for the first 20 minute track session for the day.

My next 20 minute track session was due in about an hour, so I parked to let the car cool off. During this time I added Rycon into the engine oil and Trijet to the gas, recorded my GPS data and then reset it back to zero, topped up the tank from my gas container, just before I headed out I set the now cold tires to the exact same pressure. The only variable was the additives and the day was 1 hour on, so it was getting much hotter and still climbing.

After my 2nd 20 minute session there was no perceivable seat of the pants difference to the previous session. I then set about prepping the car for my next session. During my prep I discovered something that was odd. My GPS indicated a higher top speed for the 2nd run. My high speed went up; this indicated that along the back straight I was traveling faster – 8km/h faster. My sap times went up, but this can easily be explained that the tires were getting better grip as they were hotter, the top speed is not as easily explained as the back straight is long, uphill and all about horsepower, not about corner entry speeds.

When I drive up the back straight I drive with my foot to the floor and I don’t let up until well into the braking area. I consider myself to be a “consistent driver” because at the exact same corner I lift the inside tire off the track every lap, my indicated lap times are consistent and I hold the same track line every lap so my GPS’s high speed should be pretty much be the same with the only variable being the day getting hotter which decreases engine output from the decreased ambient air pressure.

The only change to the car was your additives and due to the day getting hotter the mixture leaned out a bit from the pressure drop (and that’s a bit of a stretch though).

What can I say other than I now use your products in my other collector cars and my daily driver. In my opinion you may not feel it in you seat, but it is working!

Thanks for putting me onto a great product,

Dave Simmons
Toronto, Ontario

Sent: April 9, 2008

To: Daydistributing

I had all intentions of giving you my impressions of the Rycon-1 oil treatment & Trijet fuel treatment, but like you chaos often takes the place of organized control and the walls come tumbling down around you. However, My little Tracker loves the combination, quieter engine, lower revs, elimination of pinging during load. I did not get a chance to use it in the BMW motorcycle as winter slammed into us with a strangle hold that did not let up! The weather is good now and I have some minor tinkering before I gear up. I will let you know sooner than later how that goes. I have no doubt I will be pleased.

Deb F.

Sent: April 28, 2008

To: Daydistributing

John, I have since tried the Trijet additive in my BMW R1100RT motorcycle, what a difference in throttle response! From a stop or throttling up to a pass, the change is very noticeable with only one treatment. Amazing! Thanks for introducing me to these outstanding products!

Deb F

October 15, 2008

G'Day John, (get it, ha-ha)

Some observations;
As you know, I have been using Rycon in BMW for the last year with extraordinary results. During my last servicing (100,000km) I introduced Rycon to my transmission and final drive. Here is what I have noticed;
1) at cooler
2) at cooler ambient temp (4-5 deg C) the initial shift from neutral to first is less ambient temp (4-5 deg C) with a cold start assist, the "blue cloud" is gone. No doubt the Trijet and Rycon are going to work for me here. difficult, less resistance.
3) the oil top ups have been eliminated between changes (3000km) I switched to a 5000km as a test and still did not need to top up!
4) during hard acceleration conditions from a stand still, the "missed shift" from first to second has been eliminated.
5) the ride, while cruising (80-90km) seems different--Quieter...? Smoother...? Assured...? Is that possible??? I don't know but it sure put a BIG smile on my face!

With much continued success, a faithful convertee,


Care Care - Tom Hnatiw

"Our 1983 VW Rabbit GTI racer has performed flawlessly for three race weekends. Regular readers will remember my penchant for Rycon 1 from Pathfinder Lubricants, an oil enhancer that I use in everything I own."

"In the case of the GTI, PAthfinder has worked it's magic again."

"John Day, the Toronto distributor for Rycon 1, introduced me to a fuel additive called Tri-Jet. Tri-Jet is not a cleaner but a top-end lubricant that seems to have quieted the GTI's noisy valve train in only two tanks of gas."

I think there's been an appreciable temperature drop owing to the application of Tri-Jet too. For more info, call 416-697-0891."

From , Saturday March 21, 1998

Car Care - Ton Hnatiw

Facts, superstition make me use oil booster - No engine additive has failed on me yet.

"Hey how come you never mentioned oil fortification in that article about changing your oil?" he demanded.

"You're not a closet fortifier are you?" It was John Day on the telephone. I've known him for years as a passionately devoted purveyor of an oil additive called Rycon 1. And all of that time - and longer - I've used his oil fortifier in the engines of my vehicles, including out trusty Ford Mustang.

The decision was based as much on superstition as the facts that Day provides. I've never had an engine failure since I've been using the stuff and hey, a streak is a streak.

Maybe Day has a point about my reluctance to be exposed as a user of oil fortifiers. I've been preaching regular and frequent oil changes for years, and I believe that's just about all it takes to ensure long engine life. But I couldn't resist the early claims of oil additives.

Perhaps there was something to the promise of increased fuel efficiency. Maybe the stuff would enhance the lubrication characteristics of the oil was using.

Twenty years ago, I had the chance to to ask famed Torontoian racing engine builder John Rossiter about a product I was thinking of adding to the crankcase of a Corvette I had recently bought.

He read the literature and stroked his chin a little and then said, "Well it probably won't hurt anything."

It was good enough to me. There was no downside except the extra expense. Since then, I have actually experienced better fuel efficiency in various passenger cars using Day's additive.

Having inspected the innards of several of our racing engines during routine rebuilds, I believe the product has made a difference - especially in the reliability and durability.

But frankly, the subject causes controversy between mw and almost every car guy I've discussed it with. Lately, it's been better to enjoy my perceived benefits and keep my mouth shut.

Rycon is an oil additive in concentrated form. The average dose to the crankcase is about 90 ml (three ounces). Remembering what Rossiter said, I like the fact that I'm not displacing much of my favourite synthetic oil whiles using the product.

Other brands are packaged in larger quantities, making me wonder what's in there besides the additives. Rycon's claim to fame is to fortify the properties of the engine oil itself, as opposed to products using DuPont Teflon which is a polytetrafluorothylen (PTFE)-based chemical. PTFE actually bonds to the metal within the engine, making things nice and slippery.

At start-up and when the engine is cold and flows a bit more slowly, PTFE is said to reduce drag, friction and wear, That's a good thing.

The ingredients in John Day's formula do not chemically bond to the metal within the engine. But they do make the oil more slippery and increase the film strength, also cutting drag, friction and wear.

That's got to be why fuel mileage improves and why some people notice an increase in power when using the additive.

So should you add something to your crankcase to fortify your oil?

Well it's far more important that you change your oil frequently. But if you add one of the brand-name products, it won't hurt anything and could start you on a lucky streak like mine.

This is a copy of a letter sent to DreamCar Garage Blog:

Here’s a letter from a guy who tried Pathfinder for the first time
Tom/ 05 April, 2005 12:03

Hi Tom! (we have met before) Love the show and the newsletter! Saw the Pathfinder stuff and then saw John Day at auto show where I raked him over the coals re other oils and additives. Saw the evidence tried the product!


Just got back from 5400klm trip to Fla and around, treated the ’93 Buick (WINTER BEATER/trip cruiser hey is has air!) in 3.8 V6, tranny, pwr steering pump and added Trijet…………….




I GET 100 TO 150 KLM’S MORE PER TANK (so I figure my 6th tank is free!)

And if my emissions are reduced, well what a great side benefit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Already did the boat and Dad’s car! SEND MORE QUICK! Did the F-150 5.4 as well!



Report on vehicle emissions test and fuel economy improvement.
NAME OF COMPANY: Van De Pol and Sons
CHASSIE MAKE: Freightliner
VEHICLE ODOMETER: 283,000 kms on completion of test


Emissions Reading: 15.3 2.2 Reduction 85%

Fuel Economy: 825 kms per tank 950 kms per tank Improvement in fuel economy 15%

Certificate Number: 2558400198 Certificate number: 2558800460

September 28, 2001
October 20, 2004

August 16th, 2001

John Day,
Re: Pathfinder Lubricants

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you for introducing me to the Pathfinder products. I have been using both the Trijet Fuel Additive as well as the Rycon 1 for about 3 months now.

My vehicle is a 1990 Pontiac Bonneville. It has a 3.8L, six cylinder engine. I commute approximately 1000 km's per week for work. This does not include the pleasure driving on my free time. The car has more than 287,000 km's on it and still counting. Before adding the Pathfinder products, I was averaging 18 miles per gallon, or 550 km's per tank.

Now that both the Rycon 1 and the Trijet are in the vehicle, the fuel mileage has increased dramatically. I now get 23-26 miles per gallon, and 700 PLUS km's per tank.

I find the car seems to increased horsepower and a smoother idle. A side note is that now when we do an oil change the oil is much cleaner looking.

I have, and will continue to recommend the Pathfinder products to my family and friends. It is well priced and easy to use. Two features that always catch my attention. The greatest thing is, it works!


Chris Cadiuex
Lakefield, Ontario

Pathfinder Lubricants
176 Victoria Street
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 4E1

Sunday June 17, 2001

Dear John Day,

I thank you for introducing my wife and I to your product. When we first met I had some concerns about adding a lubricant to my fuel as well as my oil. Life is a chance, so it is a chance we took.

We own a 1995 Dodge Avenger which is a show vehicle. Since we have introduced the product to the car, the oils have paid off for themselves plus some. Before I used your product, I was getting about 350 km's per fill up driving on a regular basis. After putting in the fuel additive there was a little difference. By the time I got to my fourth fill-up I was getting an average of 500 km's per fill-up. It also helped my emissions as well. Below you will find a copy of my emissions tests. The dealer found that the scores were so low that they thought they had made an error with their equipment. The oil additive has also reduced some engine knocking that the Avenger is known for.

Once again thank you for introducing us to your product. I would highly recommend it to all of my relatives and friends. Good luck with your product.

Sincerely yours,

N. Caleca
T. Hart
Rolling Thunder Logistics
5910 Dixie Road
Suite 17-13,
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 1E9

Pathfinder Lubricants
176 Victoria Street
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 4E1

July 30th, 2003

Dear John,

About three years ago, my 1983 Olds Delta 88 with 230,000 kilometers on it developed a "grinding" feeling in the steering when turning. This "grinding" was especially pronounced in the hot weather.

At this time, I decided to take out a couple of ounces of power steering fluid from the reservoir and add a couple of ounces of Rycon 1 lubricant. What I noticed immediately was that the grinding sensation was gone!

I have not touched the reservoir since that time and have not experienced anything but a normal steering feel since.

To me, there is no doubt Rycon 1 lubricant is a superior lubricant that works!


G. Tadman
Toronto, Ontario